Diet and Lupus Pain Relief

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Your diet is very important when it comes to maintaining a healthy body and preventing a whole host of illnesses and ailments. Whether you already suffer from lupus or are worried you may develop it , why now revise over what you eat and drink and see if a few lifestyle changes could actually keep you in good health.

Dieticians have worked with lupus suffers over the years and as a result been able to pin point which foods should be avoided in order to keep lupus flare up at bay. Alcohol is known to have many negative effects on our health so cutting down or cutting out completely from your diet can only be a huge positive. Replacing alcohol with water or natural fruit juices will prevent joints from aching and reduce the level of pain brought on by inflammation.

Processed foods are another no go when it comes to lupus pain relief. Preservatives and foods containing MSG may trigger flare ups of lupus, so try to avoid those convenient ready-made foods or frozen meals that do more harm than good in the long term. Avoid fatty foods that contain saturated fats and polyunsaturated or mono fats, which can be found in baked, fried and junk food. These types of food are notorious for piling on the pounds and unbalancing the digestive system.

Other foods to watch out for are spicy foods, things that contain artificial sweeteners, salt, sugar and perhaps dairy foods. All of these can trigger lupus to rear its ugly head so if you are not prepared to endure weeks of pain and fatigue, then opting for healthy replacements is without a doubt the only answer.

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