How Exercise Can Help With Lupus Pain Relief?

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Joint pain and stiffness are usually the first symptoms of lupus or warning signs that a flare is coming on. The joint pain that comes on with lupus can impede movement particularly in the hands, wrists, shoulders, knees and feet. Although often confused with arthritis active lupus is the inflammation in the lining that surrounds the joints. The change in size is what causes the pain and swelling of the joints.

The best way to cope with joint pain and stiffness is to rest the joints as much as possible until the pain eases off. Keeping the weight off the joint is another effective way to relieve pain and warm soaks in the bath can be just what the Dr ordered. But it is exercise which is proving to be the best way to maintain healthy bones and joint and ward off the painful flares of lupus.

By keeping active and exercising regularly, bones and tendons are kept as strong as possible. Not only does exercise help control weight but it also boosts energy and helps relieve and eliminate stress. Gentle walking, yoga and swimming are all great ways to exercise the body and keep fit without exerting too much pressure and weight on the joints.

By making some healthy lifestyle changes you can keep on top of lupus and adopt a natural approach to pain management. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and while the pain of lupus can lead to depression and fatigue, exercise can help alleviate flare ups.

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